T Minus 3 Days

Our liquidation is officially complete.  Our garage sale was a huge success – we got rid of almost everything.  We only had to bring one carload of stuff to Goodwill.  As for the bigger stuff, we sold the TV last week, the piano on Monday, and sold the futon to a very nice family that’s letting us keep it until our last day here! 

Everything we’re saving fits in these boxes, which will fit in our trunk for the cross-country drive & then reside in my mom’s garage for the next year.  The things we’re saving are photos, old letters & cards, tax papers (do you really need to save all your tax documents for ever & ever? That’s what Jamie told me…). Oh, and we’re also saving Jamie’s nice bike clothes as those are really lightweight & would be expensive to replace.

We made a final run to REI yesterday. Jamie somehow ripped the crotch of his one & only pair of pants so we had to go buy new ones.  We also got stuff to re-waterproof a lot of our gear.  We feel pretty ready at this point – there is not much left to do! Jamie’s last day at Microsoft is today, our going away party is tomorrow night at the Pike Pub & Brewery, and then we leave Seattle! What will we miss most in Seattle?  Here are some of my favorite things (of course, this excludes the actual people I will miss):

  • Hilltop Alehouse
  • Roti Indian Cuisine
  • My running route along Highland St. in Queen Anne
  • Coffee at Uptown Espresso
  • Donuts at Top Pot
  • My newfound appreciation for boneless wings at Wingdome
  • Living within walking distance of Trader Joe’s
  • Our apartment, which is about to be turned into a generic condo
  • Watching Lost with Emily & Sam

2 Responses to “T Minus 3 Days”

  1. sam Says:

    well, i’m flattered. the best part of all of those things is that they will be there when you return to seattle.

  2. John Bob Says:

    You are aware that Sarah is moving back to MPLS when this is all over right?

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