Bicycles – $5000
Airfare to New Zealand – $2500
Seeing Mordor for yourself – Priceless

It’s time to start taking bets on how much this trip is going to cost. Today Sarah and I did a little tallying and realized we have now spent over $10,000 on this trip and we haven’t left Seattle yet. That magic moment was followed by a couple “What are we doing?”s, “Are you really sure about this?”, and some gutteral moaning on my part. Since neither of us likes to spend money, its hard to swallow the lump sum of money required to prepare for a trip like this, but we both agree it will be well worth it. Check out my accounting skills on our newly updated Finances page.

2 Responses to “Gulp”

  1. Jen Renaud Says:

    You are really coming this way! I am so excited. Have fun flying across the international dateline where your day jumps forward – it’s pretty cool. I like flying to the US from here, though, where I leave at 6 am and arrive at 11 am the same day, but fly 20 hours.

    Don’t forget to check the great discount airlines – Tiger Airways and Air Asia are two good ones when you get to this side of the planet.

  2. Greg Says:

    I bet you it will cost 80-90$ / day travelling across the US depending on mileage. Eating gets expensive in the US when you are riding 60+ miles per day. Bagels, peanut butter and bananas are cheap but loose there lustre pretty quick. Burger King rules.

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