The big focus of this week has been the liquidation of all our assets. We didn’t think we owned much stuff, but it is definitely taking a fair amount of time and effort to get rid of everything. We’ve successfully sold most of the big stuff on CraigsList & to friends.The two things we’re left with, and are getting a little nervous about selling, are the 34″ widescreen TV and the digital piano. We’ve been steadily lowering the prices on these two things and still haven’t been able to sell them. Lesson learned on big electronics: they are impossible to resell. We’re resigned to taking a big loss on these, now we just want someone to come carry them out of our apartment! When we list the TV on CraigsList we very slyly don’t mention that it is 200 lbs and the new owner must carry it down three flights of stairs… So far no one’s even come to look at it though, so it doesn’t really matter.

This weekend we will host our first ever estate sale. Because we’ve sold most of our substantial stuff we’ve realized we’re left with a lot of little stuff. Dishes, clothes, trinkets, sports gear, etc. We’re strongly leaning towards pricing 90% of our stuff at 25 cents to make sure we get rid of it all. This isn’t really a money making venture – we just want people to clear out our place so we don’t end up making 80 trips to Goodwill!

Also, James & I had lunch with a fellow Microsoftie, Alex Wetmore, who has done some traveling in New Zealand and gave us some first hand advice on the terrain & best places to start our tour. We want to avoid the nasty hills until we’re (actually, I) am a little stronger. Alex also generously gave us his copies of the Pedallers’ Paradise books, which I am thrilled about! These are renowned as the very best bicycle touring guides to the country and are hard to buy in the US. Thank you Alex!

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  1. sam Says:

    i’ll hold on to your piano for you until you get back. i’ll get a book from the library and teach myself piano. in case you don’t sell it and don’t want to take a huge loss.

  2. John Bob Says:

    This comment is unrelated to “Liquidation” but, I read in the FAQ that you’ll take bribes from friends and family when making a decision as to where you’re going to live when you get back from the trip…MINNEAPOLIS!! I’ll let you hang out with me. That is my bribe!

  3. Dad Says:

    To go along with John’s comments regarding FAQ and where you guys will live when you get back, consider the following information taken from the competing cities official web sites.

    Austin, “Live Music Capital of the World” (Tempting)
    Minneapolis, “City of Lakes” (How can you beat clean air and clean water?)
    Raleigh, “Pays Tribute To Creator Of The Acorn”? (No joke)
    Seattle, (Been there, done that)

    Minneapolis wins, hands down!
    See you guys when you get back!
    Yahoo! Yippee! WooHoo! YaBa DaBa Doo!

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