Gettin’ Medieval

Romania is one of those countries where as soon as you cross the border it becomes apparent you’ve entered a whole new world. The first thing we noticed was the multitude of wells. They are all over the countryside and the villages.


Most are the traditional pulley type, but every so often we would see one that involved a giant lever.


Check out Sarah proving she is a true humanzee as she tries to figure out how to work this thing.

Along with the wells came an increase in the number of giant nests on the telephone poles. Every village seems to have at least three or four nests. Too bad we haven’t seen any of the giant birds yet!


We also immediately noticed a big change in the people and villages in Romania. Everyone is dressed very traditionally and horse-carts and bicycles have replaced cars as the dominant form of transportation.


We see dozens of horse-carts a day and they vary just like cars. You’ve got the antiques.


The old guys crawling down the street.


And even young guys hot roddin’ it up.


In most villages, the geese and turkeys outnumber the humans and all the locals are either herding their birds or sitting on benches lining the street and watching the action. It’s not uncommon to see a bench of three old women knitting followed a few meters down the road by one of three old men smoking.


There has also been a marked increase in the friendliness of the people here in Romania. Everyone yells and waves “hola”, “ciao”, “salud”, or “buna” as we pass. It’s a definite change from the severe stares we garnered throughout most of Eastern Europe.


We will continue to cycle east in the Wallachia region for a couple of more days before we cross the border into Bulgaria and then head southeast to the Black Sea.

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  1. Bernie Hayden Says:

    > Too bad we haven’t seen any of the giant birds yet!

    Yikes! Maybe NOT

    Love the picture of the dude in the hot rod pony and trap 😉

    Only two more weeks until the long flight back to reality. When are you coming back to Seattle? The weather’s great, er, well um… it’s not raining today :+)

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