We bought our tickets to New Zealand

Some major mile markers for trip preparation are happening here, people!  Yesterday, after much painful research & deliberation in an effort to get the best possible tickets (read: cheapest possible), we bought our plane tickets to New Zealand.  We’ll be leaving on Dec 28th from Wilmington NC, making connections in Charlotte NC and Sydney Australia, and arrive in Auckland at 2:45pm on Dec 30th.  That’s right – two days later!!  I bet you’re jealous of that nice little agenda.

I also got my front & rear racks on Saturday from my very favorite bike person – Bill Davidson at Elliot Bay Bicycles.  I haven’t gone for a ride with the new racks though, because it has been awful awful weather here in Seattle.  And I really do not need to hear things from you people about how I will definitely be stuck in weather like this when we’re on the road, etc, etc! :)

Last weekend, James & I went on another test ride.  We went a little over 25 miles.  The bikes were perfect, the ride was beautiful, and the only thing that really hurt the next day was my butt.  Which is perfectly fine – that’ll go away as I start riding regularly.

In an earlier post I mentioned how non-sexy we are going to be on this trip.  Well here are some more pictures to prove it!  And please keep in mind, this is really nothing compared to what you’ll be seeing in a few months. 

James got hot on a ride up a big hill.  This is the resulting fashion statement:

Sarah’s helmet fits crookedly on her head.  Which annoys her very much:

We took a break for a snack at the halfway point on Lake Washington. Some ducks were very interested in our granola bars:

Close-up of the very cute duck:

Pretty scenery on the shores of Lake Washington:

2 Responses to “We bought our tickets to New Zealand”

  1. Dad Says:


    Your “crooked helmet face” in not a happy face at all. I saw that face rarely during your formative years at home. Possibly once, when you lost a board game of Candy Land. But then again, you never lost so I must have made you use the board piece “Broken Pants” which provided the famous frown. It is so out of character. But I do sense just the tiniest hint of a smile on your face. Therefore you have obviously noted the impossible melding of form and function. How did Frank Lloyd Wright do it? After one year of riding your bicycle with this kind of contraption on your head, just imagine the terrible case of “Hat Head” you will have developed. Think about that for a minute and your frown will turn into a smile!

  2. Emily Welle Says:

    What are you talking about? You guys look hot!

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