Momma I’m Coming Home!

Exciting news – we purchased our airline tickets home! On November 21st, after 368 days on the road, we will fly from Istanbul, Turkey to Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. It’s hard to believe we have less than 60 days of bicycle touring left. Our rough plan is to cycle through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Bulgaria on our way to Turkey. If we arrive in Turkey ahead of schedule, we’ll cycle down the Aegean coast before heading back to Istanbul to fly home.

We also said goodbye to Sean today. After spending two days hanging out in Split, Sean headed north towards Zagreb and we headed east, away from the Adriatic and towards the mountainous interior. It was a little strange to be back on the bikes after close to two weeks of taking it easy. I found myself worrying about all the same things I agonized over at the beginning of the trip: flat tires, mechanical failures, getting hit by a car, and the like.


The beautiful scenery helped to ease my mind though. After about 10 kilometers on the busy coastal road, we turned inland and headed through some gorgeous mountain scenery towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We’ll cross the border tomorrow and check out Mostar and Sarajevo. The weather today was great: sunny but with nice crisp fall air to keep us from overheating on the climbs. We are hoping the weather holds out until we get across the mountains.

8 Responses to “Momma I’m Coming Home!”

  1. Johanna Phillips Says:

    Have you guys decided which state/city you will call home??

  2. Mike Hedge Says:

    wow….. what a year !

  3. Jared Yeater Says:

    Please watch Midnight Express before going to Turkey.

  4. Jenny & Brandon Says:

    Jamie & Sarah,

    Welle family is going to Big Sky, MT Dec 23rd-30th. See you there!!

  5. Aunty Jane Says:

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the final days of your year long honeymoon by bicycle, around the world trip!! And thank you for letting me see all these wonderful people, places, foods and adventures!! Sending you many good wishes for many more wonderful adventures before the flight home. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
    Love, Aunty Jane

  6. Dad Says:

    Momma I’m Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne.
    Sarah couldn’t have said it any better myself.
    We are all very excited for you and of course can’t wait to see you two.
    We will be looking forward to your homecoming in Minneapolis when your schedule allows. We have a lot of catching up to do! And we are all waiting to hear your plans for the future.
    Peace & Love,

  7. Pete Couture Says:

    What are you going to do when you get home?

  8. kipibenkipod Says:

    My girlfriend really shed a tear when she read that you are going home 😀
    We really love your adventure.

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