More Pre & Post Wedding Pictures

Don’t worry, soon we’ll have the actual trip to write about.  But for now…more wedding pictures!

Mom buying orange flowers in Pike’s Marketmom & flowers:                              

Joint Bachelor & Bachlorette Party.  We weren’t allowed to take cameras with us for the true highlight of the night, so this is all you get to see! Welle Family Shot: Welles                         Welles                          

Ercks are busy modeling and striking poses when some blond kid runs into the picture.  And there he is again – why is he trying to lick us? erck m                  

john tongue

 Sarah and her dear brother John sarah & john       

Posted by popular demand: Sarah’s new sisters! Everyone knows she’s always wanted some…no offense James & John new sisters                      

Could this be a tear?! jamie crying                      

James hugging his sister Molly:jamie hugging sisters                          

Sarah hugging Mom: sarah hugging mom                                

Checking out the new ring: ring inspection

2 Responses to “More Pre & Post Wedding Pictures”

  1. Samdal Says:

    Congrats, Sarah and Jamie! You guys both look happy and beautiful. And I see the weather was amazing for you; quite a rare treat for October. Had to check your website for a wedding update and to get in touch since YOU’RE NO LONGER AT MICROSOFT! Wow. You must feel like a free woman, Sarah. I’d love to get together one last time before you leave. Email me. :)

  2. Dad Says:

    The pre-wedding party Friday night was lots of fun. It was really nice to meet all of Jamie’s brothers and sisters and to see your old college roommates. You girls have really stuck together. It’s great to see you have such loyal and sincere friends. The party Friday night was great. I am so glad I got to be a part of the festivities. And I am SO glad I went home when I did. James and John filled me in on all the happenings after you guys left the first establishment. I think James and John have some pictures to share with you. I wouldn’t recommend them for your web site, but some of the pictures really capture the moment. James and John partied so hardy with you, that after the wedding and dinner Saturday we got back to the hotel and they went straight to bed! Well done Sarah and Jamie!

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