Bling, Bling!

Sarah's New Rivendell AtlantisSarah got her fancy new bike today! She is going to ride a 61cm Rivendell Atlantis on our trip. Sarah wanted the Atlantis because she has long legs and a short torso and the short top tube geometry of the Atlantis means it will be comfortable for her and allow her to sit upright. Bill Davidson of Elliott Bay Bicycles built the bike up for her with a mixture of components. The wheels are handbuilt with Shimano Deore XT 36-hole hubs and DT Swiss TK 7.1 rims. The headset and front derailleur are Shimano Ultegra and she got Dura-Ace 9-speed bar end shifters. Sarah was originally thinking she wanted moustache bars, but after trying them out at the store she thought they were awkward and went with a standard Nitto Dream drop bar instead. The drivetrain is a Deore XT derailleur with a Deore LX crankset. We went with an 11-32t cassete so we can (try to) climb hills while carrying all our gear. The brakes are Camagnolo Veloce Linear Pull Cantilevers. Sarah is still afraid of clipless pedals, so she just got toe clips for now while she gets used to the bike. Last but not least Sarah will spend the next year sitting on a Terry Butterfly saddle which we heard is one of the most comfortable saddles for a woman. We are going to start doing short rides and making adjustments to the bike. Eventually, we’ll put racks, panniers, and everything else on it. Now that Sarah has the bike, our trip definitely seems more real. The total cost was $2244.11 which brings our running total for the trip up to $2843.17.

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  1. John Bob Says:

    Jamie, I have to admit that your level of precision is impeccable…quite commendable your rigid technical nature not bendable. But, I really really hope that you were copying and pasting those technical specs and model numbers and not recalling those facts on the fly…I mean seriously, if I find out that you keep track of model numbers and technical specs to that degree I am going to notify James and (with Sarah’s permission) we’re going to have to rough you up when we visit. Fair enough? I think so.

  2. Nick Nelson(John's Friend) Says:

    Do you know how many hookers I could have bought for the price of that 10 speed!!!!!!!

  3. Johanna Says:


    Terry bought me the same Terry Saddle :) I love it, very comfortable.
    He was drooling when he saw the picture of your bike…he’s a bike dork.
    He also appreciates your husband’s saddle (on his bike) haha.
    Here’s Terry..he keeps telling me what to write…so here he is:
    damn i didn’t want to type…but i do want to ride…i definately envy your travel plans…maybe i should ditch my inner city teaching job and become a computer geek…for now i’ll settle for being a bike geek…are you going to be completely self contained? will you have front paniers? I suggest a trailer instead of bags…i recently got a burley trailer that i like…others i know have the extracycle and they swear by it but i’m thinking i wouldn’t want that on international tour. well good luck…keep us posted…

    terry and johanna

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