Bangkok’s Last Day of Sightseeing

We did manage to squeeze in one last day of sightseeing in Bangkok. We visited Wat Pho, which is famous for its Reclining Buddha. We walked to the temple during a surprisingly cool and pleasant afternoon. Actually, we did still get to do the thing where we say to each other “Are you hot?” and then laugh at the beads of sweat completely covering our faces. But the temperature was low enough to allow the feeling of normal breathing without dizziness.

Once we arrived at the temple I was required to don a long sleeved shirt. I’d brought my trusty (and very warm!) Wool 4 shirt from Patagonia. It was hilarious to wear it on such a hot day.

Here I am in my wool shirt in front of the giants that guard the area. They are wearing top hats which seems very un-Thai:

The Reclining Buddha was enormous! I hadn’t been expecting that at all. It is over 150 ft long and 50 ft high. Very impressive.

Gigantor head:

Some very large toes to our right:

Outside the temple were lots of these weird creatures that I think are so cute. They remind me a little bit of Barbie (my cat), so I posed with one in her honor:

To wrap up our very long visit to Bangkok we drank one last fruit shake at our favorite stand. We got at least one fruit shake a day and the owners started laughing every time they saw us – they must have thought we had an unnatural love for their fruit shakes:

And finally, in the spirit of a post about gigantic things…check out how Jamie towers over this little fruit vendor lady!

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  1. Dad Says:

    I love to read your posts! Your writing style has such a unique blend of grace and humor. The pictures are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your great adventure in such a pleasant manner.
    Peace & Love,

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