Today we lost one of the members of our party. My beard. It was a hard decision, but his lack of pedaling ability and knack for disgusting Sarah outweighed his ability to keep my face warm, so we decided to part ways.

Here is a little photo montage of the good times we had together.

Mugshot-esque photo for documentary purposes:

Sharing an ice cream cone:

Absorbing a little New Zealand history together:

Basking in the sun and taking in the scenery:

Side shot to display extraordinary puffiness:

Beard + gobs of sunscreen = great times

Impending doom at the Barber Shop:

R.I.P Beard…

6 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Jim Ray Says:

    This is brilliant. You look good all cleaned up, yo!

  2. Dad Says:

    The before and after photos are brilliant indeed! That was one fine beard Jamie. All in all you clean up extraordinarily well. There is a handsome young lad under all that hair. Beards come and go but Jamie; you will always be timeless in your humor and good nature. Safe travels to your new destination. God speed. Middle English: God spede (you). May God prosper (you)

  3. Jared Yeater Says:

    And so, let this be the end of The Fellowship of the Beard.

  4. Mary Welle Says:

    Sans beard you’re so skinny. Are you eating? No worries, Robby (formerly known as Robo) is eating for two. We think he’s pregnant.

  5. Smoov Daddy T Says:

    dammit, i was really looing forward to running my hands through that mane of yours. couldn’t you have waited a few days? wait, it probably grows back to that length in a few days anyway right?

    – t

  6. Rob Thomson Says:

    Har har. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day and very possibly all week. Perhaps even all month.

    Enjoy the easy life for a bit.

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