Last Day of Cycling in New Zealand

Today was another milestone for us. The last full day of cycling in New Zealand! We have arrived in Dunedin and our odometer reads 2347.0km. What a ride!

Today proved to be another difficult day of steep hills. We also added in a little gravel to mix things up.

That may have been a mistake because our 700×32 road tires were slipping all over the place when things got really steep and Sarah was suggesting we take a bus into town, instead of “riding the last miserable mile.”

But, we stuck it out and eventually made it to a nice road along the coast that led us right into the city centre of Dunedin. We passed a little shop that was selling whitebait and decided to finally try it. It was served in a patty of fried egg.

The verdict? It doesn’t taste like anything! We could have been eating plain ol’ eggs and wouldn’t have known the difference.

Now, take a look at this picture and wager a guess on why Sarah has such a wide grin on her face.

She just climbed her last hill in New Zealand! It’s literally all down hill from here baby!

On arriving in Dunedin, we decided to have a celebratory dinner of one of our favorite meals of New Zealand: bacon, avocado, tomato, and cole slaw sandwiches. Our take on the BLT. Add in a six pack of beer and some Cadbury’s chocolate and you have a meal fit for a king.


6 Responses to “Last Day of Cycling in New Zealand”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Hi guys, We’ve been reading all your entries, very entertaining!
    Wondering how your bodies are holding up?
    And did you get visas?
    Be well,
    Johanna and Terry

  2. Peter Clark Says:

    Congratulations! It is a great feeling to complete a long leg of a cyclo-touring stint. Your bodies will be completely confused and awkward while you spend time off the bike. You might try to get a little high intensity exercise in over the next few days to maintain your fitness, oh yeah, and lots of rest and leg massages! See you in Asia!

  3. erin Says:

    So now do you get to just relax for a bit?

  4. Stephen Welle Says:

    Did you get my email? Did you only bring one shirt Jamie? Are you still going to the tour?

    Hey John, thanks for the marketing tip, it was gold.

  5. John Erck Says:

    haha, yes gold. I kinda wish I would have found out about it earlier in the semester when I was taking the course. Sarah and Jamie, I was thinking that you two should somehow incorporate sailing into your global adventure. Thoughts?

  6. James and Sarah Welle Says:

    I brought a couple of shirts, but I have just been wearing my Patagonia Wool 2 shirt nonstop. It is the perfect shirt. It doesn’t stink at all! I wear it so much it is completely sunbleached in the back.

    We are not sure about the Tour de France yet. I really want to go, but I’m not sure if we are going to make it there in time.

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