By the Numbers

Stats for the 3rd Week (1.15.2006 – 1.21.2006):
Aussie Bay -> Motueka

5 days cycling with 1 easy/rest day
2 days tramping

219.29km (43.86km / cycling day)
NZ$459.22 (NZ$65.60 / day)
14 hours, 9 minutes, 1 second in the saddle

42km of tramping in ~12 hours

We have been pretty consistent in our daily spending at around NZ$65 per day which is approximately US$46. That comes in right under our budget of US$50, but when you add in the gear we have purchased here, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses we are up at US$65 per day. Whoa nellie! We may need to curb our ice cream habit. In addition to costing us money, its getting a little embarassing as tonight Sarah beat a group of children in a sprint to the ice cream truck as it passed through the holiday park. We did get to try a Mr. Whippy though. Sort of like Dairy Queen but a little creamier.

3 Responses to “By the Numbers”

  1. Dad Says:

    That looks like a DOUBLE Mr. Whippy!

  2. jenny dailey Says:

    hey Jamie!

    nice work there on the trip and website! very entertaining to read, you are scrupulous with the money and gastro-intestinal activity. i dig it. continue on, and way to rock the team hat. we miss you man, come back some time, and congradulations on getting married, she is so PRETTY!

  3. Smoov Daddy T Says:

    yo yo yo! damn, i didn’t know you two were doing this crazy around the world bike thing! that is amazing. good on you two for taking the plunge. you better call me when you’re back in wellington so we can hang out or else. i know the offer of a real room, nice showers and all those creature comforts are going to be too hard to resist. mwahahahaha.

    enjoy the south island. kill a couple million of those sandflies for me. they wrecked my hand last time i was down there.


    – t

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