Maiden Voyage

Yesterday Sarah and I went out for our first real ride together. We parked the car in Carnation and then road 10 miles to Sammamish to watch some football at Sarah’s manager’s house. You can see the route here. The weather was perfect and the ride was beautiful. It was sunny but the air was crisp and the leaves were changing. There are some very nice roads to ride on East of Seattle. It is a very rural area and you are often surprised with views of the Cascades and Mount Rainier. Sarah was pretty tired after doing ten miles and her derriere was sore, so I rode back to get the car alone. Sarah’s coworkers caught on to this and spent the next hour inundating her with comments about me pulling her in a trailer or on a tandem bike. I hope the jokes don’t come true! It was good to get out and put some miles on Sarah’s bike and ride together. Next stop – 20 miles.

2 Responses to “Maiden Voyage”

  1. James and Sarah Says:

    For the record, I was not tired – my butt was just getting sore which is perfectly reasonable for the first official ride! There will be no pulling of Sarah in a trailer!!

  2. christopher deery Says:

    James and Sarah,

    Good luck and have a good time, It would be fun to see ya

    take care


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